Jason Harbin | Head Trainer & Coach

Jason - 2018 Headshot

At BEAT, I implement specific and directed performance training for my clients every week. That includes developing their daily exercise regimes and advising their nutrition choices. After completing over 700 assessments and working with more than a 1,000 clients and athletes:

  • I’ve mastered the science of designing programs for clients that bring results.
  • I’ve become skilled at identifying potential problems and benchmarking the clients’ current fitness including their strengths, weaknesses, stability, flexibility, mobility, cardio, etc.
  • I’ve provided performance fitness training to a broad range of individuals from business professionals to moms and high school students as well as cyclists, runners, weightlifters and lacrosse, football and soccer players.

I am also an athlete with my own performance fitness regime and goals.


Top ranked, “drug-free powerlifter” including two world records.  Earned elite classification in three weight classes.

Collegiate Experience

At Kent State University, I was the primary strength coach for baseball, softball and women’s soccer teams, along with assisting with the football team, where I spent 50% of my time and energy.

Team Sizes

Baseball, 60
Softball, 45
Soccer, 45
Football, 90

365 days a year, I provide strength and flexibility training to these top-notch athletes, along with nutrition support and injury prevention.

Off and pre-season training prepared the athlete for their competitive season. Typically, in season training was more ad hoc based on the athlete’s need to get back on the field after an injury. The goal was enabling the athlete to manage and recover from ongoing injuries such as the knee and ankle problems typical for soccer players. I learned to pay close attention to the abilities and mental state of athletes who knew how to push their own abilities and handle that type of risk.