BEAT's Executive Program is designed for the client who has limited time and a highly demanding job.  What BEAT found is that many programs were geared toward the goals of the trainers, not the goals of the clients.  While a body builder may be expected to eat seven meals of boiled chicken, brown rice, and steamed broccoli to be washed down with a gallon of distilled water, it is not realistic to the busy executive who manages a business.  The BEAT Executive Program focuses on increasing energy, improving mental cognition, and reducing body fat without adding to an already hectic schedule.  

Just like a business model, the BEAT Executive Program uses a model. We take your body's K.P.I's to maximize the R.O.I. on your sleep, nutrition, and exercise regimens. By eliminating the insignificant details and focusing on the key drivers of health you can optimize wellness without spending all week in the gym and all weekend prepping food.  

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